Facebook & Instagram comment moderation from Slack.
Like, hide, delete and reply comments directly from your Slack!
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You will love these features!



Facebook and Instagram comments are sent in real-time into the designated Slack channel of your choice. Turn on notifications.



A machine learning algorithm is trained on every actions you take on new comments. Thus, your moderation gets cleverer everyday.



For each comment, it only takes one click to like, hide or delete it. You can also directly reply and message your commenters.

Here is how it works:

Step 1

Someone just commented on your posts.

You receive Facebook and Instagram comments in real-time into the designated Slack channel of your choice.
We encourage you to share this channel with all your team so that you have multiple eyes on it.

Step 2

Let machine learning work for you.

If blacklisted keywords are found, the comment will be automatically hidden. You then have the choice to unhide or delete it.
Similarly, based on your previous actions (like, hide, delete...) an artificial intelligence is trained and used to automatically take actions on new comments.

Step 3

Like, reply, message.

The comment is positive? Just like it in just a click. You can also reply to it if it needs a response.
Support needed? Just select a quick-message to start a conversation.

Step 4

And so much more.

Here is how our users use our App for: engaging with customers, offering discount codes, blocking trolls, translation, conversations, image and gif support...

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